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Technical Details

What kind NAS or OS can be installed on this unit?

How much power do the storage pods need?

Do Backblaze Storage Pods have a redundant power supply unit (PSU)?

Does the unit come with an Ethernet Card or can it be added easily?

Do you sell hard drives with your units?

Does this unit support Hardware RAID and/or multiple Arrays?

How is the RAID setup?

What RAID level are your pods?

Does the HD Controller run RAID5?

What is the IO throughput?

What is the network interface speed?

What is the maximum throughput of the system?

How can I easily setup nightly backup site-to-site replication to each other?

Where can I find more information about the backplane and SATA cards?

Where can I download drivers for the Sunrich SATA Cards?

How would other machines access a 600TB volume? NFS?

What sort of monitoring the host includes to alert when a drive is down and needs replacement?

Do you know of software that features deduplication, replication either sync, or async?

Can you install 10gb nic cards in these servers?

Can you make multiple partitions or is it just one large volume?

Does this unit provide fault tolerance or not?

Is their choices on how this is configured for say multiple partitions of say 60tb for this application and 30tb for application 2 and 10tb for application 3 assuming 100tb is the max capacity?

Can I also do a 3rd nightly backup site-to-site replication to your ?

Can I set your pods up to be serving as the "DATA WAREHOUSE" for multiple front-end Windows 2012 R2 PHYSICAL servers via iSCSI connections?

How many backplanes are required for the full 45 drive density?

How many SATA cards are required?

Is there a reason that Debian 8 “Jessie” is not used instead of Debian 7?

We want to use Mirrored 500GB SSD’s as boot drives, specifically Samsung EVO PRO 850 (MZ-7KE512BW). Is there going to be an issue with SATA channels to support this configuration?

Is the wiring harness tied to the EVGA power supplies, or would it also work with another vendor’s modular power supply, such as Corsair?

When adding HDDs to the pod, it will just power off after the initial POST (before it attempts to boot the OS).

In Singapore, we use 230Vac 50Hz, does the power supply inside the pod suitable?

If install a window server os, does the win server recognize the storage size?

Does the server show 1 storage of 200TB or show every hdd storage capacity?

Custom Orders

Can we source every component from you, allowing us to build it ourselves, or do you have a source for the motherboard, processor, etc?

If we do not specify a custom color/logo with this prototype, Will the chassis ship with the BackBlaze, BackupPods logo or ?


How long does it take to ship out a pod?

Do you ship internationally?

International order customs and tariff charges

What are the dimensions and weight of the pod?